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Decorating Tips for Kids Rooms

The décor of a room expresses the inhabitant’s personality while setting the mood and tone. How a room is decorated can have a strong impact on how people feel and behave. A game room is typically adorned with bright colors and bold patterns to promote fun and creativity, while an office might be dressed in more subdued and less distracting hues to encourage productivity and focus. How a child’s room is decorated is no exception.

When decorating a room, selecting a wall color can often set the mood for the entire room. Allow your child to provide input so that the room expresses his or her distinct personality. Choosing bright colors can help to stimulate and engage your child. If your son or daughter has specific interests, it can be fun to continue one theme throughout the entire room. For example a child who enjoys sports may wish for wallpaper featuring his or her favorite activity. Another idea is to stencil a border incorporating your child’s favorite sport around the top of the walls. Whichever design is chosen, it should impart a youthful and joyous tone.

A key component of a child’s room is furniture. Bunk beds are an excellent choice for children’s rooms as they provide an additional sleeping surface for a friend while saving space. A variety of bunk bed options are available at any furniture store. It is often helpful for school-aged children to have a desk in their room for study purposes. Although homework can be completed in another area of the house, providing your child with a quiet retreat where he or she will not be disturbed will allow for better focus. Fold-down desks are available if saving space is an issue.

Children’s rooms should also include a number of storage options for toys, games, and books. Home supply stores provide a variety of storage containers for all types of items. Clear containers are available so that your child can easily see the contents without having to open each container. Many storage bins are stackable and can slide under a bed to be kept out of the way. Decorative containers and baskets are also good storage options if they are going to be on display. To promote tidiness, it can be helpful to label each container with what toys or games belong inside to make it easier for a child during clean up time. For young children who have yet to learn to read, it is a good idea to put a picture of what belongs inside on the outside of each container.


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