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One of the most precious parts about having a newborn baby just might be those few moments of silence you get when they actually sleep. Today’s bassinets are perfect for helping them fall asleep and comfortably stay asleep.

Baby bassinets are constructed of solid materials and designed according to specific safety requirements to ensure the wellbeing of your child. You will get great peace of mind through knowing that your child is sleeping safely.

But you can also use these bassinets as a great way to entertain your baby and safely house them while you’re taking care of tasks and chores in the same room. You can find great models that feature gentle rocking motions to help them fall asleep or calm down from those balled-up fist tantrums that they sometimes throw. You can look for bassinets that feature a locking position as well to steady the structure. To help calm them down even more, some of these baby products even feature players that are built right into the bassinet, playing from a list of fun and soothing lullabies (timer and volume knob usually included).

It would also be a good idea to look for models that include convenient adjustable features. For example, there are several models that include an adjustable canopy to help efficiently shade your child’s eyes or provide the right amount of darkness depending on whether you’re trying to help them sleep or just relax. You can also find models that adjust in height as well. The nicer models will also feature storage shelves to help keep their diapers, clothing and toys organized.

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